Global Macro Shifts: ESG Factors in Global Macro InvestingMay 7, 2018

Key Points

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are being recognized in fixed income investing as value-added indicators of potential economic performance. In this edition of Global Macro Shifts, Templeton Global Macro outlines how it integrates ESG factors into the group’s research process.

Course Summary

The materials in this course provide the latest insights from senior members of the Templeton Global Macro team explaining:

  1. How Templeton Global Macro integrates ESG factors into its research process
  2. Importance of ESG factors in macroeconomic analysis through a series of specific case studies

Course Format: videos and topic paper

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to teach you to be able to:

  • Understand how the Templeton Global Macro team integrates ESG factors into its research process.
  • Walk through the Templeton Global Macro ESG Index (TGM-ESGI) used to assess current and projected ESG conditions in various countries.
  • Review country rankings, including current and projected ESG scores.
  • Review case studies from Ireland, Greece, Argentina, India, Poland, Venezuela, and Japan.


This course has been accredited for 1.0 CPD hour by the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

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