ESG EssentialsFeb 1, 2019

Key Points

In this course, we’ll define ESG investing and learn why it matters, go over examples, discuss ESG in portfolio management, and compare ESG to related types of investing.

Course Summary

In this course, you will learn about ESG Essentials, in particular:

  1. ESG Defined
  2. Why ESG Matters
  3. ESG Examples
  4. ESG in Portfolio Management
  5. ESG vs. SRI and Impact Investing
  6. Digital payment systems

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to teach you to be able to:

  • Define ESG investing.
  • Identify examples of ESG factors.
  • Summarise why ESG matters to investors.
  • Discuss examples of ESG related opportunities and risks.
  • Describe ways investment companies use ESG to enhance portfolio management.
  • Differentiate ESG investing from SRI and impact investing.


This course has been accredited for 1.0 CPD hour by the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Australia.

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