Beyond Bond BasicsOct 31, 2017

Key Points

Go beyond the basics to explore complex bond market concepts and strategies

Course Summary

Part of the Fixed Income Series, Beyond Bond Basics introduces new concepts. This course focuses on:

  1. Deconstructing Duration
  2. Introduction to Yield Curve
  3. Yield Curve Strategies
  4. Credit Fundamentals
  5. Currency Management

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to teach you to be able to:

  • Define duration and discern the differences as applied to individual issues versus portfolios
  • Recognize several types of yield curves and repeat the investment implications of each
  • Determine when and how to apply common yield curve investment strategies
  • Apply credit risk and return considerations to investment decisions
  • Understand the role of credit in the bond market and credit cycle
  • Recall the elements of credit analysis
  • Define currency risk
  • Understand global currency dynamics
  • Discuss currency risk management techniques


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